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Your Identity Part III

The enemy says you’ve made too many mistakes, you’re unforgivable, you should be ashamed. When the enemy can’t get you to believe a lie, then he will attempt to use your past against you, and replay images over and over. Before Adam and Eve sinned they were in perfect fellowship with God. They were in the presence of the Lord. Once they ate of the forbidden fruit, the weight of their sin overwhelmed them, and they in turn hid from God. This is the plan of the enemy, for there to be fracture and a division in our relationship with God. But thank God for Jesus! He is the ultimate sacrifice, fully reconciling us to God. Jesus came, died and rose so that nothing we have ever done, or ever will do, can separate us from the love of God. Kingdom Citizen, hold your head high and live with boldness and confidence knowing that you have been redeemed and made new in Christ Jesus! AFFIRM IT:

  • I am restored and renewed

  • I am forgiven

  • My past is behind me

  • My best days are ahead of me


Romans 8:35:39

Ephesians 1: 7-8

Genesis 3:8

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