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Sharing how I manage anxiety... Especially now.

Anxiety is among one of the most common things we battle in our lives. We live in a very fast paced, high stress world that encourages us to be busy at all times. Today I want to share my tips for how I manage anxiety, and keep it from crippling my life.

  1. Pray & Meditate. I start my day with prayer. This gives me the chance to focus on God, and shut out all the things that clutter my mind. Prayer and Guided Meditation are good ways to intentionally direct your thoughts toward pleasant positive things.

  2. Practice Self Care. Whether it be a long shower/bath filled with essential oils and candles, taking a walk alone, or even sitting in the car and listening to music. Doing the things that you enjoy by yourself (especially for the parents out there) gives you a chance to unwind, and slow your thoughts down.

  3. Do NOTHING. Last but certainly not least sometimes you just gotta do nothing. Lay around, lounge around, don't follow a schedule, and put away your To Do List. There are times when the best thing we can do for ourselves is to just rest, and reset.

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing!


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