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Proper Perspective

“Your perspective can either be your prison or your passport

-Pastor Steven Furtick, Elevation Church

Webster’s dictionary defines perspective as the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance. This means our ability to accurately see the way something relates to us or concerns us. Often our view of something is clouded by our emotions, or the way we feel at the given moment. Of course, our feelings are important and ought to be taken into consideration, but for most situations, our feelings can’t be the leading factor in our decision making. The thing about our feelings is that they can be fleeting, and often subject to change.

Personally, my goal is to view things considering what God says about it. My perspective is shaped by my understanding and revelation of God’s principles and promises. My perspective tells me that although I may find myself in less than desirable situations, God can and will use it for my benefit. You may be familiar with the story of Joseph (coat of many colors, brothers threw him in a well and then sold him into slavery… Yeah, that Joseph). I think we can all agree that Joseph went through some awful things at the hands of his loved ones, but when he finally came face to face with his brothers Joseph’s life had been completely transformed, and he had been elevated to be the leader and deliverer of his people. In Genesis 50:20 Joseph says you intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good… That’s a conclusion that only the proper perspective could bring. Perspective is the difference between “I have a bad life” and “I’ve just had a bad day”. Perspective is the difference between “this relationship ended, and I can’t go on”, and “God removed this person from my life because he has a better person for me”.

Let’s look at three things that are affected by your perspective:

1. How long you will stay in a season.

Having the right perspective allows you to move in and out of seasons of your life in the time that God allotted for you. Sometimes our poor perspective on things can cause issues and situations to be prolonged unnecessarily. I always pray that God would help me to learn whatever I’m supposed to learn in the time that he deems necessary, no longer and no shorter. We tend to stay in relationships, friendships, jobs etc. longer than we need to. The proper perspective makes this less likely. Your timely elevation, growth and success are depending on it.

2. How well you’re able to bounce back from set backs

The right perspective allows you to use opportunities for growth, learning and development. We’re all going to go through things but at least let it not be in vain. When we can learn new lessons and apply them in wisdom, then we understand that we may get knocked down, but we can develop a sense of resilience and endurance to keep going.

3. Gives You Inner Peace

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone treated you in an odd manner, or spoke to you in a way that seemed blown out of proportion? You racked your brain trying to figure out where it was all coming from, and why you were being treated that way. Perspective helps you to STOP TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY. I’m not shouting at you lol, but I am intentionally emphasizing the point. People are not always out to get you or treat you badly. Sometimes people are battling their own issues, and we just to happen to be collateral damage in it all. Not to say that poor behavior should be accepted or excused, but keeping things in perspective helps us to feel less attacked and offended. The right perspective helps you to see things clearly. You learn how to not take things personally, and be at peace within.

Cheers to having a healthy perspective!


Genesis 50:20

Romans 8:28

James 1:2


  • I have a healthy perspective on people and life.

  • My outlook strengthens me and gives me the will to persevere through life.

  • God causes all things to work out for me, even the things I don’t understand.

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