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Purpose Killers

Discouragement, Distraction, and Doubt

What’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals? What's interfering with your ability to create the ideal life that you envision for yourself? Have you found yourself saying things like “I’ve tried everything”, “I’ve done it all before”, “I always miss my shot”, “this isn’t the right time, I’ll try another time”? These are among some of the common things that people say when it comes to the issue of why they haven’t successfully pursued their goals. If you’ve ever found yourself saying any of these things then you may be facing an attack of what I call “the purpose killers”, discouragement, distraction, and doubt.

Discouragement can come in different form. Sometimes we discourage ourselves based upon our past experience with a particular situation. maybe you’ve tried something in order to propel yourself forward, but you were unsuccessful for whatever the reason. As a result you continue to refer back to that experience, and this stops you continuing on. Discouragement may also come from others. Whether it be a stranger, or someone closest to you discouragement is no respecter or persons. Have you ever shared a vision or goal with someone only to have the person ask you a bunch of questions and follow up questions? Have you been told to be realistic, or told that the thing you strive for is out of your reach? As nice as it is to have the support of those who we love and care about, it isn't a requirement in order for you to accomplish your goals. It is to be expected that some people simply will not understand you, and will not share your vision. That’s why it’s the vision and the purpose that God has given to you specifically. Everybody won’t get it and that’s okay. Do not allow that to discourage you.

Next let’s look at distractions. We live in a very fast pace society where we constantly need to be stimulated, engaged, and where we get distracted very easily. There are distractions from the inside and distractions from the outside. Distractions from the inside might be personal drama going on with close friends, or family members. It might be something as simple as someone calling on you in order to help them with an issue that they have. While we certainly want to be supportive and helpful to loved ones we also have to be cautious of the things we give our time and attention to. Someone else’s personal urgency doesn’t necessarily have to become your personal urgency. Distractions from the outside come in the form of things like social media, hanging out, socializing. I used to have a severe case of FOMO when I was a little younger. I had to be at every event that I was invited to, and I made it my business to attend every social gathering, because I simply didn’t want to miss out. As I became more purpose driven and goal oriented I became more comfortable with not always being on the scene. My vision started to be the driving force behind my activities (not only am I getting more rest now, but I’m saving money too lol).

Lastly let’s look at doubt. Doubt is that voice that tells us that we’re not equipped to accomplish our goals. Doubt says that our goals are too big, and that we don’t have what it takes in order to get it done. Sometimes doubt will even tell us that we are undeserving of what we are dreaming and hoping for. These are all lies. You were born equipped with the skills, and the access to exactly what you need in order to accomplish your goals, and live out your God given purpose.

In Pt. 2 I’ll give you the tools to over come the three Ds that Destroy, aka purpose killers so that you can begin to boldly bring your vision into reality.


Philippians 4:8

Jeremiah 29:11


•I have a God given right to live a purpose filled life.

• I will be my biggest asset and cheerleader. I will not engage in self sabatoge

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