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6 Ways to Invest in Yourself & Transform Your Life

People often talk about investing in stocks, bonds, and portfolios, but truth be told, the best investment you'll ever make is in YOURSELF! We need to normalize investing in ourselves. Taking the time to develop yourself, and sharpen your skills is the wisest way to ensure that you continue to bring the best version of yourself to your life. So think about it. How much time do you spend reading, writing, praying, doing a devotional, taking a course, or listening to a good podcast? When was the last time you took a course or attended a conference (virtually in this case lol) to shift and enhance your mindset. In my experience with coaching people, one of the top issues that I observe is a lack of intention and focus. We say we want things, we even clearly identify what we want sometimes, but yet there's no deliberate planned action on how to get what you want. Let me share 6 ways you can begin to invest in a better you right now:

  1. Educate yourself- read books ( or listen to audible), listen to a podcast about your favorite subject matter.

  2. Become a student again- take a course or even a webinar online about the things that interest you, or the things you want to master.

  3. Step outside of your comfort zone- Don't let fear and doubt dictate your accomplishments

  4. Visualize- spend time visualizing your ideal life. Imagine every detail of whatever you're visualizing, allow the pathways of your mind to recreate your thoughts and your focus.

  5. Hire a coach/mentor- whether its a personal , spiritual, or business coach Invest in yourself by hiring someone who can plan, strategize, hold you accountable, and teach you the art of execution. You won't be sorry. (If This one sticks out to you then head over to and book your consultation today!)

  6. Get Physical- Whether its working out at home, bike riding, or pilates your body can always benefit from focused intentional movement (especially since we've been spending most of our time at home).

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing!

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This is truly awesome 🙌🏾

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